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Structural Engineering for Architects

In a competitive market, the true value is found where innovation and economy meet. Our goal is to make architects’ designs possible. Accomplishing that goal requires technical skill, a cooperative attitude, and creativity.

As a consultant to architects, we explore options and collaborate on solutions. Collaboration on design requires trust. We will know that we are succeeding when our clients treat our office as an extension of their own. 

Structural Engineering for Owners

Our business is based on completing multiple projects for the same owners and developers – over time earning a position of trust. We enjoy the “let me pick your brain” calls, and we want to be there working through new ideas and concepts.


Finally, we never forget that seemingly small decisions on our part can lead to big changes in the cost to the owner. We take this very seriously.

Structural Engineering for Contractors

One thing about the community of building contractors is that everyone knows everyone. If you are a contractor, and you do not know about us yet - ask around. We have confidence in our reputation for responsiveness, cooperation, and solutions that get the job done.

Other specialties:

  • Facade Inspection / Restoration

  • Expert Testimony

  • Claims Consultation

  • Emergency Response

  • Solar Installations

  • Parking Design

  • Fire Escape Inspections

  • Home Inspections

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